Enjoy your time in Budapest!

Group courses 3x3 - 30 hrs (Mon, Wed and Fri) 9:00-11:15

  • – you will speak in English for 9 hrs every week
  • – if your level is beginner, you will be able to speak about yourself just after a week
  • – you will take part in various types of activities: you can expect a lot of pair work, group work, interactive tasks, videos etc.
  • – you will progress dynamically with some intervening days to rest
  • – you can study at 6 different levels according to your knowledge of English; A1 (beginner) – C1 (advanced)
  • – in 3 weeks you will have completed 25% of an entire level
  • – the lessons are 45 minutes long and there is no break

Course fee

80.000 Ft

You can buy our courses online after completing the written placement test.