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Corporate English for businesses

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Has your company ever missed out on a foreign order because your colleagues DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH?

  • Have you ever had to ask for the help of an interpreter at an international conference, event or business meeting because YOU DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH?

  • Has it ever happened to you that a colleague of yours passed on a phone message inaccurately because he/she DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH?

  • Have you ever missed out on an EU or an international tender because YOU DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH?

We offer you a solution!

  • English language trainings are held at your desired location and time, online or offline

  • Taking the needs and learning styles of your colleagues into account, we offer General and Business English trainings, English for special purposes and English communication skills development

  • We assess the needs, goals and language level of your colleagues free of charge and based on the results, we design the most appropriate progress plan

  • We provide quality language teaching services with the help of our excellent, dedicated teaching staff

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